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VGB Music

No Song too long, no job too small!

VGB Music

It's a big reality check to realize just how many CDs a singer/songwriter needs to sell in order to cover their out-of-pocket expenses!

Many musicians really don't want or need to invest in an inventory of CDs.  Many musicians would like "demo" CDs to distribute in small quantities.  And many, many musicians would like to sell a good number of their CDs at every performance!

That's where we step in, offering a high-quality, low-cost and low quantity production.  We can produce as few as ONE CD—admittedly that's not incredibly practical, but we'll do it!

More recently, iPod and other technical developments encourage music listeners to buy just one song for a nominal amount rather than a CD full of songs for much more than a nominal amount!  The music industry has already encountered a huge challenge to their traditional formats and are scrambling around for solutions.

One concept we’ve created is CD 45©!  Four songs, not fourteen, on a CD that can be sold for a modest amount.  Hey, we can even provide CDs with a black vinyl retro look. 

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No Song too long, no job too small!